Choose the right wheel light for your vehicle

When you're driving at night, you want your car to be cool and unique. When you see other people's wheels exuding colorful lights, and very disdainful overtaking your car. So, you suddenly want to install a RGB wheel light for your car, but you don't know how to choose.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right wheel light for your vehicle.

Size of RGB wheel light

First, you need to decide what size of wheel light you need. There are mainly three sizes of wheel lights on the market. They are 14-inch, 15.5-inch, and 17-inch. Many people do not know how to choose, we have prepared a picture for you. According to this picture to measure, you can easily know which size wheel light you should choose.

What kind of RGB wheel light to choose?

Second, you need to think about the light. At present, RGB Wheel Light is popular in the market. Some of these products can only emit three colors of red, yellow, and blue lights, and do not have the function of turn signal braking. And because RGB cannot emit pure white light, which is an illegal accessory in some areas. Therefore, the best option at the moment is to choose RGBW Wheel Light.

What about the brightness?

Third, you need to decide how bright you want the light to be. For the problem of light brightness, the common products on the market are single rows and double rows. The double rows are composed of two pieces of RGBW LED lights, and their brightness is greatly improved compared with the single rows wheel light.

what else?

Finally, We all know that the wheels are faced with very complicated situations every day, especially for those of us who like to drive in the wild, we often have to trek through mountains and rivers. This is a very big test for wheel light. This requires us to consider whether there is IP67 waterproof and whether the materials used are shockproof and dustproof when choosing wheel lights.

Wheel light

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