Why do you bring your jeep factory lights upgrade for the LED lights?

Why do you bring your jeep factory lights upgrade for the LED lights?

Jeeps are one of the most pleasant and capable vehicles on the road. As you know, visibility is important when driving your Jeep on and off-road. This is why the upgrade your jeep standard halogen headlights is very important. Here, let's take a look at why you should have your jeep halogen lamp upgraded to LED lights, and we recommend LED lights kit.

1. Better Visibility

First, you have to make sure the visibility on the road that you have. This is very important if you driving in low-light conditions. The original halogen Jeep lights have a glare which can make it hard to see what’s in front of you. But LED headlights do not have a glare which makes everything on the road more visible. Furthermore, LED lights cast a wider pattern which allows you to see more of the road. This is so important if you driving on multi-lane highways or interstate roads at night.

2. Better Visibility in Trail and Off-Road

If you like to drive across off-road or out on a trail, then you should know that your Jeep may be the only source of light at night. With Jeep LED lights, you will be better able to see what is right in front of your Jeep. This will allow you to better avoid obstacles such as rocks, depressions, logs, or other obstructions that could damage your Jeep.

3. More likely to be seen by other vehicles

It is also important, you are better able to be seen in the night. LED headlights and LED tail lights will cast a bright light more than halide jeep. This allows you to traffic around the jeep is more obvious. LED lights can make a big difference if you happen to be driving in heavy traffic in inclement weather like rain, snow or fog.

4. The LED Light won't burn out

Unlike halogen jeep lights, LED lights do not darken and "burn out." This enables you to in a longer time to enjoy all the power LED lights. This could end up saving you money on the cost of replacing your headlights.

5. LED lights can improve the resale value of your jeep

Finally, there are a lot of after-sales jeep tend to have higher resale value of a good thing. On your Jeep with LED Lights may help you in the transfer or sell them to get more benefits.

Recommended LED Lights for Jeeps

As you can see, installing LED lights in your jeep has many benefits. So, which LED lights are the best? Here's a look at the options we recommend:

If you are looking for LED headlights that are both attractive and powerful to upgrade your halogen Jeep light, then we’d recommend the 7-inch High Low Beam LED Headlight with DRL for Jeep Wrangler JL JK TJ CJ.

KING KONG LED Headlight design concept and detailed introduction

The brand-new 7-inch High Low Beam LED Headlight with DRL for Jeep has been upgraded. Unique KING KONG idea design,Brighter and more recognizable. LED headlights features a High Performance safety solution with improved light output. A durable and dependable bulb-free headlamp design that impervious to damage from shock and vibration.

The Low beam adopts double reflectors to reduce the loss of light and greatly increase the utilization rate of light. The lens used for the low beam is from Mitsubishi. The lens is mainly composed of two convex lenses with different shapes and curvatures. The one with the relatively large curvature plays a role in focusing and enhancing the brightness; the one with the relatively small curvature expands the light irradiation area to facilitate Dealing with roadside situations.

The High beam lamp also adopts a double reflector lamp cup design. Its stepped design increases the use of high beams. At the same time, we consider that the high beam LED wick has high power, and the corresponding heat generated is also increased. Compared with the copper-zinc alloy used by some businesses, we use pure copper plates at the expense of increasing the cost.

The electrical conductivity of the metal will decrease with the increase in temperature. Compared with the copper-zinc alloy, pure copper has high electrical conductivity and high efficiency. Heat dissipation performance reduces unnecessary losses. The energy conversion process is accompanied by loss, reducing the loss, the same distance, the oil loss will be lower.

The DRL uses a circular light board connected by 168 LED wicks.

The whole frame of Jeep headlights first is the PC aluminum-plated rear shell. We have increased the thickness of the aluminum and the hardness of the rear shell. Because the specific heat capacity of aluminum is 0.88X103J (kg·℃), we have increased the quality of aluminum. But also enhances the role of heat dissipation.

Then to our lampshade, which is made of raw materials provided by Teijin. The light transmittance is as high as 95%. Compared with the 92% light transmittance of ordinary acrylic sheets, we not only reduce light loss but also have anti-oxidation and anti-oxidation properties. Then to our mask, we use the high-temperature resistant material PC-HT. The PC material of ordinary car lights in the past, with the increase of use time, the lamp mask will become fragile, and it is easy to shatter the mask on bumpy roads.

Our King Kong headlights are the result of many improvements and experiments by our designers and engineers. The design from the inside to the outside, the structural plates of each lamp, and the selection of materials are all to bring customers a better driving experience.

To upgrade your jeep lamp for a dynamic and attractive LED lights

In terms of security and practicality, there are many good reasons to upgrade your jeep for LED lights. Find a wide selection of jeep LED headlamp unit, for all the jeep models, the Professional Jeeps LED Lights sales website Epiccross™. We provide fast shipping and a competitive price, all of our products. Supply is proceeding apace. Shop today.

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