Lighting Up Your Jeep Wrangler from RGB Diamond Headlight!!

Lighting Up Your Jeep Wrangler from RGB Diamond Headlight!!

Welcome to Epiccross. In this blog I will start from the design concept, source of inspiration and product structure. Explain in detail on JEEP series of automotive lighting accessories! First of all, I gonna introduce the Jeep Wrangler Unique RGB Diamond Headlight.

This jeep diamond headlight has three basic functions: low beam, high beam and daytime running light.All the led wicks we use are from Osram. Our Jeep diamond headlights have passed the DOT and the E-mark. So this RGB Diamond Headlights are very reliable in terms of functionality and quality!

Now, I will explain our design ideas for low beam, high beam and daytime running lights when we design the Jeep RGB diamond headlights!

The Low beam adopts double reflectors to reduce the loss of light and greatly increase the utilization rate of light. The lens used by the Low beam comes from Mitsubishi. The lens is mainly composed of two convex lenses with different shapes and curvatures. The piece with a relatively large curvature plays a role of focusing and enhances brightness; and the piece with a relatively small curvature expands the light irradiation area, so as to deal with roadside conditions.

The high beam also uses a double-reflective lamp cup design. Its stepped design increases the use of high beams. At the same time, we consider that the high beam LED wick has high power, and the corresponding heat generated is also increased. Compared with the copper-zinc alloy used by some businesses. We do not hesitate to increase the cost and use pure copper plates.

The electrical conductivity of the metal will decrease with the increase of temperature. Compared with copper-zinc alloys, pure copper has high electrical conductivity and efficient heat dissipation performance, reducing unnecessary losses.

The daytime running light uses a circular light board connected by 168 LED wicks, and its corresponding lampshade uses a broken diamond design to create a gorgeous visual effect of the light. The design using broken diamonds is inspired by the headlights of Bentley Flying Spur, because if you need to achieve the effect of Bentley diamond headlights, the depth and cross-section of the lights must have enough space.

Our engineers have overcome the problem of lack of space through design. Therefore, the use of surrounding diamonds also achieves the same gorgeous effect as the Bentley diamond headlights, and we have also added RGB lighting effects to make your jeep more unique at night!

The whole frame of Jeep headlights, first is the PC aluminum-plated rear shell. We have increased the thickness of the aluminum and improved the hardness of the rear shell. In order to enhance the heat dissipation of the headlights, we have increased the quality of aluminum.

Then to our lampshade, which is made of raw materials provided by Japan's Teijin Company, with a light transmittance of more than 95%, which is 92% of the light transmittance of ordinary acrylic sheets. We not only reduce the loss of light, but the anti-oxidation material also extends the service life of the lampshade.

Then to our headlight mask, we use high temperature resistant material PC-HT. Compared with the PC material of ordinary car lights in the past, as the use time increases, the lamp mask will become fragile, and it is easy to shatter the mask on bumpy roads.


Rgb diamond headlights introduction

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