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Top 4 Classic Headlights for the Jeep Wrangler

It's common for the factory headlights on your Jeep Wrangler JK to become lackluster over time. This can be due to fading, clouding or yellowing from damage, or they may not light up the road at night the way you need them. When this happens, it provides the automotive aftermarket with a plethora of headlight upgrades and replacement kits. Whether you use your Jeep as a mall crawler or a rock crawler, you want your lights to look their best and function properly to keep you and your passengers, and those around you, safe.

Upgrading your Wrangler lights to an LED setup is a popular move because they are more effective, last longer, and provide a crystal-clear beam for improved visibility. LED lights cast an ultra-bright white beam that rivals the stock setup, allowing you to see nearly twice as far And, with different housing treatments, halo options, and color options, the possibilities are almost endless. We've listed the top 4 best headlights for the Wrangler JK so that you can spend less time looking and more time enjoying a new set of headlights. Stand out from the rest and make drivers safer with an upgraded headlight package.

To that end, we warmly recommend these four headlights for Jeep Wranglers, four different styles that meet your needs in all aspects of use, from price to practicality.

Top 4 Classic Headlights for the Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler classic headlights and its derivative of the four styles!

These high-performance Jeep Wrangler LED headlights are our latest series. Excellent lighting, durable structure, and our unique Halo DRL ring. These 7-inch headlights are shock-proof and waterproof, and the black durable aluminum housing allows you to worry about whether to damage the headlights. All our Jeep headlights are fully approved by DOT. The installation is very simple and truly plug-and-play.

This jeep headlight is also designed and made by Epiccross. The jeep RGB headlight is 7 inches, but you can use a JL bracket then it can also fit for Jeep Wrangler 2018. With 121 different color change modes and amber turning lights, you can choose any colors you want. You can also choose to change the function, jumping, fading, flashing, dimming watering, and running mode. These modes are controlled by APP, which is super convenient. Connecting via WIFI and Bluetooth, the 7 inches round RGB headlight for the jeep wrangler can achieve the above functions.

This jeep headlight from Epiccross is equipped with the famous German Osram LED wick, all our car lights have E-Mark and DOT certificates. The classic shape design is the standard equipment of every Jeep. Our lenses are made of highly resistant materials, which greatly reduces the deviation of light refraction.

Top 4 Classic Headlights for the Jeep Wrangler

The design structure of this jeep headlight is composed of two "D" lenses and a small lens. The two "D" lenses expand the light irradiation area, provide a larger field of view during night travel, and reduce blind spots. In order to deal with emergencies around, the focus of the small lens is to better focus the light on the road ahead. All the lens materials we use are from Mitsubishi.

The general lens has a shape that changes with temperature. It will also change, which is what we often call the expansion and contraction of the heart. The change of shape will change the curvature of the lens, thereby affecting the refraction of light. In order to have a better and longer-lasting lighting effect, we kept returning to the furnace to rebuild and made a temperature-resistant lens. The influence of temperature on our lens has been reduced a lot.

Top 4 Classic Headlights for the Jeep Wrangler

The lens of the high beam is a large lens whose thickness is almost twice the thickness of the small lens. The material is still selected from Mitsubishi.

It also has the effect of resistance to temperature and deformation. The change of its curvature reduces light loss. Improve the light utilization rate, while maintaining high brightness, but also letting the high beam shine further.

Top 4 Classic Headlights for the Jeep Wrangler

This jeep headlight has 4 different configurations: RGB Halo, Halo Ring, Half-Halo Ring, Without Halo.

The aperture is equipped with a light board composed of multiple LED wicks to make the light brighter and more uniform. The lampshade of the dragon plate lamp is from Teijin, with super light transmittance, so that the light transmittance is as high as 95% or more. the light transmittance of acrylic is only about 92%, but the simple acrylic plate itself is relatively brittle at low temperatures.

In contrast, our lampshade has high toughness and high-temperature resistance, which greatly reduces the influence of temperature on the lampshade. At the same time, we also have the performance of anti-oxidation and anti-yellowing. However, our mask is very durable and does not yellow.

The face mask of this jeep headlight uses piano baking varnish, the material uses PC-HT. High temperature resistant, high toughness material, piano baking varnish, which reduces the absorption of light by the mask and improves the overall light usage.

The back shell is made of PC aluminum plating. In order to improve the overall heat dissipation performance, we increased the amount of aluminum. While the heat dissipation performance is high, the overall strength of the lamp is also strengthened to cope with the bumps and vibrations caused by severe roads.

Our meticulous use of materials is only to allow Jeep lovers to bring a better driving experience.

Jeep wrangler halo ring headlight

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