How to Adjust Jeep JK Headlights

Did you buy some new headlights for your Jeep? If so, you will be amazed at the difference in the light output and quality. The color of the new bulb can also make a huge difference. But did you know that your vision will be impaired at night if you don't adjust them correctly?

If your headlights are not adjusted correctly, it can also cause problems for other drivers on the road. When your lights are not adjusted correctly, they can blind oncoming traffic. This is very dangerous and may cause serious accidents.

Adjusting the Jeep JK headlights is easy when you know how to do it right—several methods depending on your vehicle type. I will show you how to adjust Jeep JK headlights using two methods.

Make sure the vehicle is sitting flat. Mark the Center of Your Jeep

The process is relatively simple, but some cautions need to be noted. First, make sure the vehicle is parked on a flat surface. If not, use a level to ensure the vehicle sits flat. Next, ensure the wheels are pointed straight ahead, and the tires are properly inflated.

Mark the Center of Your Headlights

Use the level and measure to gauge the approximate location. Once comfortable with the locations, use the masking tape to mark the left and proper headlights' center points. Mark Your Headlight Locations Next, mark your headlight locations on your vehicle. If you're working off a template, trace around it onto your car with a pencil or marker. If you don't have a template, line up along an edge and trace around it until both sides are traced onto your car.

Move Your Jeep 25 Feet Back

Now you need to move the Jeep back 25 feet and adjust the lights. First, get out of your Jeep and look at the walls. Start by aligning the center point of each headlight with the center point of each mark on the wall. Once aligned, measure from one headlight center point to another with a tape measure. If they don't line up, try adjusting them slightly until they line up with each other. Once you're done, you can check to make sure the two lights line up with each other. When performing this test, I like using chalk or graphite powder to draw an X on the floor before the Jeep's headlights.

Mark the Ideal Height

The ideal height to avoid blinding the car in front of you is 36 inches. Use masking tape to mark the 36-inch point with a horizontal line. Using a marker and a level, extend the headlights and center point of the vehicle down to the 36-inch line.

The next step is to adjust the headlights to that point. Park your Jeep on a flat surface and turn on the Jeep JK's headlights. Then, rotate each headlight until it lines up with the masking tape marks on the ground. If you need to make adjustments, loosen or tighten the adjustment screws on each side of the headlight housing until they point the same distance from the center point on both sides of the vehicle.

When adjusting your headlights, be sure not to tilt them down too much or up too high, as this can cause glare to other drivers behind you. If you have any questions about how far the center point of your headlights should be aligned, contact a professional mechanic at an auto service center or dealership.

Adjust Your Jeep JK Headlights

Adjust Your Jeep JK Headlights

You can only adjust jeep JK Headlights vertically. Adjustment of horizontal left and correct projection is not possible. The screws for the vertical adjustment can be seen behind a small indent in the side wall of the light cutout on the grill.

The headlight adjustment screw is located in the center of the headlight housing. You can adjust the screw: turning left lowers the light beam; turning right raises the light beam. When adjusting the height at which the headlights project light, you must ensure that most of the light is concentrated at or below the 36-inch horizontal line.

jeep jk headlights high beam

If you can't see anything, your headlights aren't adjusted correctly. It's a good idea to adjust them when you get your Jeep and then periodically after that (every six months or so). You can also adjust them whenever you notice that they're not doing their job anymore or are out of alignment with each other.

jeep jk headlights low beam

Here are some tips for adjusting your Jeep JK Headlights:

  • Don't touch anything else on your Jeep while adjusting your headlights! This includes moving other parts on your hood, fenders, or bumper.
  • If something starts rattling around, stop what you're doing and figure out where it came from before making any more adjustments!
Jeep jk headlights

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