2022 The Best Jeep Wrangler fender turn signal lights!

Throw away your weakly functional Jeep Wrangler JL turn signal!

Are you still using the original Jeep Wrangler JL turn signal? Are you still troubled by its weak effect?

Installing these Epiccross fender lights with sequential turn signals and side marker lights on your Wrangler ensures a safer driving experience and a more confident ride.

These turn signals feature highly visible LED indicators. They are sequentially sequenced when activated. Give your Wrangler a fresh new look.

These bright LEDs will also ensure your Jeep's visibility, especially when preparing to change directions.

Any scene can be competent, giving you the safest and most comfortable driving experience.

Installation guide

(1)YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR FENDERS. You could not find a way to swap your turn signal housing otherwise. This is a very simple process in the end.Don't worry, removing the mudguard will not cause any damage.

(2)After the mudguard is completely removed, you can start the installation

(3) Install the new turn signal all the way to having the fender ready to reattach to the jeep, but DO NOT REATTACH YOUR FENDER YET!

(4) Plug in the wire harness from your new turn signal to your jeep and place the unattached fender on the top of your wheel.

(5) At this point, you want to test if the turn signal and side markers are working the way you want them to.
If you have the following models, you don’t need to do anything, just install the interface:
Jeep wrangler JL Sahara, Rubicon, High Altitude models 2018 2019 (USA version)
If it is these models, you need to prepare a TAZER mini:
Jeep wrangler JT Willys, Overland, Freedom, Mojave, Rubicon 2020-2021 [Need a Tazer Mini]
Jeep gladiator sport S 2020-2021[Need A Tazer Mini](excluding Sport version)

(6)Reattach your fenders

(7) Enjoy!Epiccross Sequential turn signals have switchback functionality built in. For my set-up, I have the turn signals set to DRL. This means during the day (without lights on), the turn signal is solid yellow and then sequentially blinks yellow when the turn signal is activated, then turns back to solid yellow when the turn signal is deactivated. At night (with lights on), the turn signal is white and then sequentially blinks yellow when the turn signal is activated, then switches back to solid white when turn signal is deactivated.

Hope this helps in your Jeep Adventures.


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