Epiccross™ 50 inch 3 Rows LED Light Bar for Truck

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Size: 50inch
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Valentine's Day Sales

Epiccross Valentine's Day Sales


This Combo Beam LED Light Bar is a 2-color-flash that decorates your vehicle for a great look at night.

LED Light Bar for Truck also has four types of light, white light, white flashing, yellow light, and yellow flashing. Just turn on/off the switch to get another light mode.

Pick the angle and direction that work best for you, this easy-to-install mount can be attached with common tools in a home garage. For better&safe road traffic, it is recommended to add an extra waterproof DT wire harness to control the light bar separately.

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About this item

Trusted Hyper Bright: Equipped with 13pcs*3w/group high intensit Osram LEDS which can produce 110lm by each chip, total 390 watts, with lighting performance 14300LM/PC. Features a trusted ultra-bright, high-intensity, stable light output. Improves driving safety with a clearer, wider, and further visual area. And lifespan extends over 50,000 hours.
Perfect Spot Flood Combo: LED Light Bar for Truck combining 30°super spot light in the middle and 160°flood light at two sides. Get you both a high-intensity spot light for further distance and also a bright flood light at broad distance. Clear all darkness forward and at side roads. A perfect lighting option for off-roading trails.
Premium Durability: IP68 waterproof rated, powerful to withstand any harsh environments and weather conditions. Solid built in quality 6063 aviation aluminum housing and thick heat shrink shell, efficiently accelerate heat dissipation and maintain a safe temperature to ensure stable lighting output as well as lighting durability. Promised with 5 years warranty.
Dual Mounting Solutions: Offer both bottom mount and end mount solution, you can install the light bar freely on your vehicle, less limits on the mounting position. Mounting angle adjustable.
Breathing Holes Design: Design with a ventilation hole, Balance the internal and external air pressure to maintain the dry environment within the lamp to extend the use of time.


Epiccross 50 inch 936W 3 Rows Combo Beam LED Light Bar for Trucks
Epiccross 50 inch 936W 3 Rows Combo Beam LED Light Bar for Trucks
Epiccross 50 inch 936W 3 Rows Combo Beam LED Light Bar for Trucks

The inside are a waterproof rubber pad and silicone sealing strip, outer protective cover firstly protects against water and dust. Waterproof coefficient IP 68.

Epiccross 50 inch 936W 3 Rows Combo Beam LED Light Bar for Trucks


Epiccross 50 inch 936W 3 Rows Combo Beam LED Light Bar for Trucks

Applied positions: Bumper Light, fog light, headlight replacement light, windshield light, side light, roof light, back-up/reverse light.
Applied vehicles & equipment: Jeep, truck, Subaru, ATV, UTV, SUV, motorcycle, dirt bike, golf cart, lawn mower, tractor, snow blower, trailer, forklift, boat, excavator, dozer, harvester, etc.
Applied fields: Off-roading, firefighting, hunting, fishing/boating, farming/agriculture, construction, mining, gardening, household (Note: For household lighting, you need to use a voltage transformer/converter to convert the AC 110-120V To DC 12V.)


Size: 50" 936w
Lens material: PC
Body Color: Black
Waterproof rate: IP 68
Lifetime: Over 50,000 hours
Operating Voltage: 12-32V DC
Color Temperature: 4300K/6000K
Material: 6063 Diecast aluminum housing
Mounting Bracket: 306 Stainless steel bracket
Beam pattern: Combo beams=flood beam+spot beam
Four lighting modes: white light, white flashing, yellow light, yellow flashing

●1 x Wiring Harness Kit
●50inch Led Light Bar Strobe
●Adjustable Sides Brackets, Screws Set

Epiccross 50 inch 936W 3 Rows Combo Beam LED Light Bar for Trucks

Looking for other sizes? Click here to learn more about the Led Light Bar.


They are aftermarket parts. NOT D.O.T. approved. Do not use if D.O.T. is required. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The greatest!

WOW! What can I say...bought this for my husband,,,we couldn't wait for it to get dark to try it out...I was amazed at the light this little bar put out! We are now considering getting a small one for back of side by side to light up the bed area when needed...but it will have to be a small one because they put out so much light! I wish we would have bought one a long time ago. The difference is amazing. We hunt in the mountains and some of the terrain is rough and steep. This will make traveling to and from hunting area and camp a lot safer!


I was very happy with how bright the light is. The included wiring harness and switch made my installation a breeze and they look good on the machine.

A good light and a good wiring harness

Recently installed this 50" light bar on the front bumper of my Chevy. Drilled two holes for the mounting bolts. Newer versions have a different mounting bracket that may be easier to install. There is a socket plug for the relay so its easy to plug in.

Wired directly to the battery terminals the circuit and switch always has power. Considering installing an add on circuit to the fuse box that is ignition controlled, then attaching the red wire from the switch to this so that light can only be powered when ignition is on. Looks good gives plenty of light for driving on dark roads.


I haven't installed it yet. It shipped quickly and was well packaged. It seems to be of good quality. I'll update usage feedback when I install it.

Well done!

Although the first package was lost because of fedex. But the seller is awesome, again courier, arrived on time.