Epiccross™ RGB Car Interior Lights 4 Pcs 36 LEDs

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Style: APP Control
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Car Interior LED Lights

RGB Car Interior Lights uses wireless APP for control suitable for IOS or Android. waterproof, anti-collision, anti-corrosion. Certainly music mode and mic mode enable led car lights to synchronize music within the smart APP. Also synchronize outside sounds through the sensitive microphone. And the light will change automatically with the rhythm of music or sound to enhance your driving pleasure.

APP control: Also the Car Interior LED Lights uses wireless APP for control suitable for IOS or Android. Choose any color you like from 16 million colors. Besides APP control to turn lights on or off, dim or brighten and even adjust the speed of mode
Safe to Use: Basically RGB Car Interior Lights powered by the Lighter Plug that has switch and indicator light, also easily turn on/off the light in the car
Easy Installation: With 2 Car Interior LED Lights come in one pack connected to the small box. Additionally, the length of the cords are enough to back and one in the front. Generally, Quality adhesive tape helps the device stay firmly at the the car interior surfaces

How to Install Car Interior LED Lights in Your Vehicle's Interior?

Epiccross™ RGB Car Interior Lights
The Best RGBIC Led Lights produce by Epiccorss™
  • Power On/Off with App
  • RGB Car Interior Lights
  • Music Sync Mode
  • 4 x Strips, 4 x 9 LED Beads
  • Power Supplied via 12V Cigarette Lighter
Flexible and Waterproof RGB Car Interior Lights
Epiccross™ RGB Car Inside Lights consist with High-intensity LEDs

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Chaos Creative Susan Taylor
Light package

t installed yet. So no comment!

Love it!

The app works with all lighting colors/settings. Overall, I am very satisfied with this. I want a bright pink. Glad I could keep it this color. Very easy to install.

Awesome lights

Installation was very straightforward and the lights are nice and bright. Bright throughout the entire interior and colors all looks great. Easy to use the remote and I appreciate that they are dimmable. Very happy with my purchase and it was made at a great price.

Thomas Raby
Easy use, cool colors

It took my girlfriend and I maybe 15 minutes to get all four lights set up. I generally use the remote to operate the lights, but the app is really fun to make custom colors and play with different light changing timings. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who wants to add some personality to their cars without spending crazy money or needing experts to set it up.


The adhesive is ok but I would like to see it be a thicker foam strip, more like 3M VHB. It worked well. Strips are black and blend in with a dark interior. The main box splits to a pair of quick Connect plugs. From there 2 led strips are wired to each other with several feet of cable, they don’t split from each other. I didn’t measure but I had plenty of slack to dress in neatly and had more than a foot left for the backseat area after mounting. Excess tucks into panel easily.

Pics show my install at night at about 80% brightness.