Epiccross™ 5FT RGB LED Whip Lights Kits

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Size: 5 FT Pack1
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Valentine's Day Sales

Epiccross Valentine's Day Sales


This RGB LED Whip Lights Kits with an IP65 waterproof rating, virtually unbreakable and easy to install, our whips lights are as tough as you are. Off-road enthusiasts are constantly testing the limits of man and machine as they run through blazing sun and torrential rain, across unforgiving deserts and along the scarred slopes of remote mountain ranges. It's a punishing pastime, and if your equipment can't handle the challenge, it can stay at home.

Epiccross 5FT LED RGB Whip Light for Jeep ATV/UTV Off-Road Vehicle

Why Choose Epiccross™ LED Whip Lights Kits?

●360 DEGREES OF AWESOME COLOR - Insanely bright LEDs make sure you're visible at all times and a unique spiraled design means you get more LEDs per foot of whip.
●SYNCHRONY PERFECTED - A single external driver controller for the pair of whips allows it to change colors, intensity, and flash patterns simultaneously without ever missing a beat.
●ROCK SOLID PERFORMANCE - Waterproof, shockproof, virtually indestructible, and easy to install with a quick connect base...if only the weather was this reliable.
●UNRIVALED VARIETY - 20 color combinations, 5 brightness levels, and 10 flash patterns: if you're counting that's 1,000 different options!
●EASY INSTALL - One bolt and two wires, installing these whips won't make you sweat.

The national flag is sent with the lamp according to the receiving country

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HOW TO INSTALL LED Whip Lights Kits!


Epiccross 5FT LED RGB Whip Light for Jeep ATV/UTV Off-Road Vehicle

●Compatible with all DC 9-30V vehicle
●Compatible with Jeep, UTV, ATV, RZR, Polaris, Dune Buggy, Sand Rails, Go Kart, Truck, 4X4, Off-road, etc,.

Tech Specs

●Available Lengths: 5 Feet/1.5M
●LED Type: 5050 SMD
●Light Color: RGB
●Operating Voltage: 12V DC, Max.
●Amperage: 2.99, Max.
●Power Output (Watt): 35.88
●Connector Type: Pigtail
●Mounting Type: Surface-Mount
●Mounting Hardware: Fasteners
●Wire Length (In): 85.00
●Housing Material: Aluminum EVA
●IP Rating: IP65


Epiccross 5FT LED RGB Whip Light for Jeep ATV/UTV Off-Road Vehicle