Harley Davidson Tail Light with DRL 26W

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26W Sportster Tail Light with DRL

Harley Davidson Tail Light is black with a red lens. And it owns a clear protective cover. What's more, the LED Tail Bike Turn Signal Brake Light for Harley Davidson Softail Sportster Road King has three different colors. When the light is running, it is red.

When the light is on the braking function, the Harley LED tail light with turn signal is bright red. As for the license plate, the light is white. The light source of the motorcycle red tail light and brake light is 20 LED (running/brake) +6 LED (license plate).

* It cannot be installed on models with exclusive tail light such as XL 1200X, XL883N, or Dyna wide glide, 2007 Harley Sportster XL1200L.

26w Brake Tail light with DRL for Harley Davidson

Product weight and size

Harley Tail Light Weight: 0.5kg/Pcs.

Size: 49*43*38cm