Epiccross™ Interior Car LED Lights 4 Pcs 48 LEDs

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Mode: Cigarette Lighter-App Control
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RGB Interior Car LED Lights

Our new Interior Car LED Lights produce bright, vibrant lighting with rich color for your visual enjoyment. Add in a waterproof design and adjustable brightness, and the traditional means of car interior decoration has truly been left in the dust.

Creative DIY Mode: Choose from over 16 million available colors or customize light effects to your liking in DIY mode via with app. With more creative freedom, you can easily make your car stand out in unique style.
Dynamic Music Mode: The built-in mic helps car lights sync smoothly with any music type. Liven up your road trips, weekend get-aways, or evening commute with colors that dance vibrantly to your favorite songs.
Smart App Control: With smart app and the provided control box, you can manage the Interior Car LED Lights' color, brightness, and music mode. With more convenient control, you'll enjoy a comfortable and vibrant driving experience.
Simple Installation: Attach the RGB Lights for Car to your vehicle with the adhesive and support clips after ensuring the surface is dry and clean. Easier installation helps brighten your car, SUV, or truck quickly.

How to Install RGB Lights for Car in Your Vehicle's Interior?

Epiccross™ Interior Car LED Lights
The Best RGBIC Led Lights produce by Epiccorss™

● Power On/Off with App
● RGB Lights for Car
● Music Sync Mode
● 4 x Strips, 4 x 12 LED Beads
● Power Supplied via 12V Cigarette Lighter/USB

Flexible and Waterproof RGB Car Interior Lights
Epiccross™ RGB Car Inside Lights consist with High-intensity LEDs

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
The light!

Hey, it works! This makes for an incredibly easy kit to install in your car.

Think of it as your typical light strip with Bluetooth connectivity. They are usually either Bluetooth or WiFi (WiFi giving you smart functions), but WiFi wouldn't quite make sense in this usage. So it's basically like taking a LED BT light strip, cut into four directions, and ran to various locations of your car (typically lighting up the floor ears from underneath the console). It works just like a strip would with your phone, using an app to switch between colors/options.

Looks good

Looks good at night, I hardwired it to my headlights so when it turns on at night so does the foot lights.

Stephenson Dan
Love them!

Great product! I bought these for my son for Christmas and ended up buying some for myself! Love all the options of making the lights jump or fade between all the colors, 4 different music options and of course solid color choices! They come with little wire holders you screw in to hold the wires up and hidden and a remote which is super awesome!


I drive Lyft/Uber occasionally and wanted to get something fun for the passengers with the benefit of lighting the floor so passengers could see better while climbing in and out and making sure they don’t leave anything in the vehicle. My SUV didn’t have any lighting on the floor (only the doors) so this has worked out great! I was initially worried the light would be too distracting, but even when I have it set to flash and change colors with the music I don’t notice it at all with my eyes on the road. My friend ordered a set for her daughter after seeing them. You can adjust the brightness and can set custom colors and combinations through the app as well.

Install is a breeze and all the wires are hidden under the seats. I installed mine with a strip under the back of the driver and passenger seats and a strip under the front of the seats facing forward so I wouldn't have to do extra work hiding any wires. I plugged it in the outlet inside my center console. Only used the supplied zip ties and worked like a charm!


Everything about this kit is great quality. easy to install. People think its a factory install too!! I get many compliments!!! In order to do a proper factory like install you should set aside about 1 hour to get this kit installed.

There is only one thing that you need to change. That would be the double sided tape that they include for the wired remote that I placed under my steering wheel. That tape sucks just go to Walmart and buy the good quality double sided tape or you will find that every week your remote will be hanging down because the tape does not stick well. Especially in the summer time. Also be sure to clean the spot you are putting the tape VERY WELL.