Epiccross™ RGB Lights for inside Car 4 Pcs 72 LEDs

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Mode: Cigarette Lighter-App Control
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RGBIC Car Lights with Music Modes

This Lights for inside Car produce bright, vibrant lighting with rich color for your visual enjoyment. Add in a waterproof design and adjustable brightness, and the traditional means of car interior decoration has truly been left in the dust.

Creative DIY Mode: This RGBIC Car Lights Choose from over 16 million available colors or customize light effects to your liking in DIY mode via with app. With more creative freedom, you can easily make your car stand out in unique style.
Dynamic Music Mode: The Lights for inside Car built-in mic helps car lights sync smoothly with any music type. Liven up your road trips, weekend get-aways, or evening commute with colors that dance vibrantly to your favorite songs.
Smart App Control: With smart app and the provided control box, you can manage the RGBIC Car Lights' color, brightness, and music mode. With more convenient control, you'll enjoy a comfortable and vibrant driving experience.
Simple Installation: Attach the Lights for inside Car to your vehicle with the adhesive and support clips after ensuring the surface is dry and clean. Easier installation helps brighten your car, SUV, or truck quickly.

How to Install RGBIC Car Lights in Your Vehicle's Interior?

Epiccross™ RGB Lights for inside Car
The Best RGBIC Led Lights produce by Epiccorss™

● Power On/Off with App
● Lights for inside Car
● Music Sync Mode
● 4 x Strips, 4 x 18 LED Beads
● Power Supplied via 12V Cigarette Lighter/USB

Flexible and Waterproof RGB Car Interior Lights
Epiccross™ RGB Car Inside Lights consist with High-intensity LEDs

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Car Lights

The lights are very bright at night and the simple strip is easy to hide behind or under the carriage. The app itself has many modes and colors with lots of control over brightness, speed and patterns. I recommend pairing these lights with more adhesive strips. You can easily turn them off by removing the USB charger if you wish. Make sure your car is clean and the bright lights show a lot of detail at night.

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Totally recommended!! Great product 👌

This lights were everything I needed! They are super bright and easy to install!! The adhesion works so well! I'm using them in my jeep wrangler and have no complaints! I cannot wait for doorless days! These definitely the best! Also the app is super easy to use to matches to the songs which is super cool!!

Pimped my ride!!!!

OMG, love this product. I recommend everyone to purchase this product. It’s amazing for a inexpensive price to pimp out your ride, lol.... Check out my dramatics in the video of excitement when I finished installing it and observed the effects. It only took me about 25 minutes to install it. I watched a YouTube video of a person installing a similar product in their vehicle to get the idea how to install it in mine. The bright LED lighting, music and talk features of the lights reacting to sound is hottttt.... I love the mobile app that allows you access to more control features such as creating your own lighting features and changing the special effects. I love the fact how I have the ability to present a light show of my vehicle interior with the vehicle on and off because it’s plugged into the cigarette lighter that powers the source. I recommend everyone to purchase this affordable product. Btw if your contemplating between purchasing this product or the newer version that is $20 more, in my honest opinion, I would suggest you stick with this product that is cheaper. After my own research of doing a cross analyst of the products features, it’s basically the same exact functions. So why pay more where you will have the same effect of the this product version at a lower price. Also, when purchasing the product make sure you do a test run to see that’s its working properly prior to installation, that way you don’t waste time. I read some reviews that had that as an issue. You can create your own club scene in your vehicle with great music and your hot LED lighting show. I love how I didn’t have to use any screws or zip ties to properly hold the lighting strips in place. The adhesive tape that is attached to the lighting strips is effective enough. I was able to successfully hide the wires by stuffing them under the vehicle panels along the sides of the vehicle. My minor issue is that I wished when I started the setup that I would have ran the wires differently from what it was displayed on this site advertisement such as running the wires alongside the gear shifts on both the drive and passenger sides towards the rear. This would have prevented a piece of the wire being shown in the front of the vehicle which isn’t that noticeable, unless your zooming it. Other than that, I am totally satisfied with this product and happy that I was able to totally do it myself without any assistance. Check out my video upload, I must warn you I was really dramatic and excited with the results of the product as it’s shown and shouting out my Bestfriend. Lmao yayayaya!!!!!


This is my second 4pc. interior LED kit from Epiccross and this one doesn't disappoint! The first kit matched my other LED interior lights and orange/black interior in my Camaro. I got a new Camaro. and knew I wanted footwell LEDs again. I needed teal (cyan) to match the factory light strips in the doors, and when I noticed this kit allowed teal as well as other colors, I knew it would be a good fit. Install was simple. I wired them to the center post of an on/off/on switch. The left side of the switch is connected to my dome lights so the LEDs come on automatically when the door is open in perfect sync with my dome light. The right side of the switch is connected to a constant hot so I can turn the LEDs on whenever I want, whether it's driving at night or when parked at a car show. Put the switch in the middle position and the LEDs stay off.

Great kit for the money. The function, brightness, and ease of install is great and competes with interior LEDs that cost twice the price.

EXCEEDS expectations!

I wanted to add some basic ambient lighting to my Subaru BRZ, and Subaru offers a factory accessory kit for $150. This kit achieves the same goal, and is totally removable. The install was SUPER easy on the BRZ (or other Toyobaru twins, FR-S/GT86/86. These are lucky enough to have a power source in the glovebox, which is ideal for this. The wires run behind the dash and under the console plastics without removal of anything. Install was complicated mostly by the outrageous body mechanics it takes to get under the dash. Hint for the Toyobaru crowd also... take the glovebox off, it unclips really easily on the bottom. It makes the install Eleventy-Million times easier. Additionally, I decided to mount the lights for the back-seat along the seat rails instead. The back seats are unusable for anyone other than children and there is not a convenient place to attach them, making this choice easy.